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Legal Elements is a Santa Monica-based full-service law firm dedicated to expanding access to legal counsel to people in the entertainment, business and intellectual property communities. The law firm provides services to its clients regardless of the scale or level of the project. The following consultation and fee plans are available to the firm's clients. Please note that we try to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but that the following may change from time to time without notice. Please contact the law firm today to schedule a consultation.

The firm offers an initial fifteen (15) minute telephone consultation at no cost to you. During our consultations the firm will discuss the services provided by Legal Elements along with the associated fees and costs.

The firm also provides telephone and/or in-person consultations with prospective clients for reasonable rates. The initial consultations are in thirty (30) or sixty (60) minute increments and are charged at the firm's standard hourly rates. These initial consultation fees will be collected by the firm before the consultation begins. The firm will credit the initial consultation fees against work performed for you later, making the initial consultation free to subsequent clients.

If you choose to work with Legal Elements on an hourly basis, the firm will assess your billing needs and arrange a reasonable retainer fee for you. Retainers are a sum of money that clients pay before the start of work. The firm holds such retainer in trust for the client, and subtracts its hourly fees and costs from such retainer fee. Call for a consultation to discuss the firm's hourly rates and retainer fees

If you would like to retain Legal Elements to represent your entire project or to negotiate a license, the firm can work on a flat-fee basis. The firm can work with you to determine a single fee, paid before the start of services, so that you can accurately budget the cost of legal representation. Please contact the firm to discuss specific rates and details.

Unfortunately, the firm does not provide deferred or contingency billing plans, regardless of the type of work or the quality of the materials. Nevertheless, the firm's rates are reasonable and it will work with its clients to make services affordable.

For your convenience, we accept payment for all services by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. A small service charge will apply.

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Joseph S. Ford, Jr., Esq., CA #224574, USPTO #60880

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